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ayana spivak


arts based psychotherapy


you may be:

an adult

the parent of a child who is dealing with

  • suffering from anxiety, depression, vital fatigue or burnout

  • living with trauma

  • dealing with a loss or a transition in life

  • experiencing a complex relationship

  • a recent immigrant adjusting to life in your new country


  • anxietydepression, mood disorders

  • ADHD, Autism spectrum disorder

  • difficulties with emotional regulation

  • problematic relationship with peers


who am I ? 

My name is Ayana Spivak, and I am a Registered Psychotherapist, regulated by the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO).

As an Expressive Arts and Dance/Movement Therapist I am fascinated by transformative power of artistic expression.

My additional training in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy helps me support people who appreciate structure, consider themselves as "left-brained" and ready for systematic homework.

I help people feel better about themselves, grow resilience and be more in peace with the world around them.

my approach

My therapeutic approach is humanistic, person-centered, somatic and arts based. Particularly, I
am trained in Expressive Arts Therapy and Dance/Movement Psychotherapy methods and I
implement them both with individuals and groups.

In a therapeutic relationship, my role is to provide a safe caring environment, and help my clients, both children and adults, to explore
their feelings, to raise self-awareness and to discover new coping strategies.


how I can help


contact me:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram

The office location: 

330 Hwy 7 East, Suit 305-306

Richmond Hill, ON  L4B 3P8

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