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what to expect from the therapy?

 I offer free initial phone consultation for you to ask your questions and decide if you want to give a try to this type of therapy.


 At the first session, we talk about what brought you to the therapy, your history and then we define the goals, length of your treatment and the methods to be employed.


 Each session after that can be different, depending on what is important for you to bring to the session. We always start with a conversation then transition into making art and closing each session by reflecting on the artistic process and building links with your everyday life or relationships. My role is to create a safe, supportive, confidential and non-judgmental space for you to explore, I am not giving my interpretations or indicate any meanings  - the client is an expert in this process.


 The play is an essential tool for changing perspective and for transformation. In therapy sessions, we use any art tools that seem helpful for a certain person on a certain day. It could be drawing, collage, musical instruments or voice, movement or clay modeling – whatever inspires you in your journey to your true self. No artistic experience is required and there is no expectation to create a masterpiece.




Please contact me for this information.





Cash, personal cheque and email money transfers are accepted at the end of each session.





Should you need to cancel an appointment, please provide a minimum of the 24-hours cancellation notice to avoid being charged the full session fee. 





Though psychotherapy with Registered Psychotherapist is not yet covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP), it may be covered by your private insurance. please consult with your insurance provider prior to booking.

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